Workshops for Overcoming Abandonment and Outer Child Behaviors


 Abandonment Workshops with Outer Child Focus help people with a gamut of issues.


You learn to: 

  • Build your lovelife, career, self-esteem, confidence, portfolio, and social life
  • Trim excess weight, clutter, and debt
  • Overcome procrastination, avoidance, insecurity, lethargy, and depression. 

But the most important issue on almost everyone's mind is relationships -- how to improve the quality of love in your life. Love is where you come up against Outer Child's most insidious subterfuge:  


The workshop provides powertools to overcome:  


  • Difficulty finding or keeping relationships
  • Old abandonment wounds get in the way
  • Feeling too anxious, needy, or insecure to be in a relationship
  • Attracted only to the unavailable (abandoholism)
  • Losing passion when you feel completely secure
  • Getting stuck in an unsatisfying relationship
  • Difficulty breaking free of an emotionally abusive relationship, and more. 

The workshop is interactive, emotionally uplifting and safe.  There's lots of sharing and processing -- communing with people who have similar issues to your own.  Professionals take the workshop for experiential training (CEU's are offered).  The tools are self-propelling, helping you reach reach your goals for life and love.  People report a life-changing expereince.