Pointing Fingers - The Public's Favorite Outer Child Pastime

© Susan Anderson 2010

Celebrities Out Of Control - Uuuuh,  their Outer Children are Showing in Public

When celebrity Outer Children run amuck, it mobilizes the public’s Outer Children. They gang up and become judgmental, self-righteous, and downright bloodthirsty. This of course is aided and abetted by the media. Sometimes, the Outer Child of a respected journalist gets into the act, making him or her act like the other vultures, swooping down to pick on scraps of salacious material about a person’s life – information usually considered sacred and private.

The public’s Outer Children love to collude, to join one another in hating something, to pass judgment on others. They especially love to see their own foibles enacted by someone famous. Pointing fingers gives them a chance to project, to feel holier than thou, to become vindicated for their mediocrity.