Do you have Love Addiction?  Abandonment Addiction?  Attracted to the Unavailable?  Need an Emotional Challenge?  Pursue Hard To Get Lovers?  Does this keep you in chronic abandonment? 

You’ve heard of food-oholism, work-oholism, shop-oholism and, of course, alcoholism. Now here comes another, most insidious, addictive pattern – abandoholism.  Abandoholism is the tendency to become attracted to unavailable partners. Abandoholism is one of Outer Child’s most dastardly patterns, and it is shared by millions.  Yes, millions are in chronic heartache.

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Abandoholism is similar to the other “oholisms,” but instead of being addicted to a substance, you’re addicted to the emotional drama of heartbreak -- going through a breakup. You pursue hard-to-get partners to keep the romantic intensity going, and to keep your body’s love-chemicals and stress hormones flowing – an intoxicating brew to which you become both physically and emotionally addicted.