Questions for Media Interview

 1) What is Outer Child?  How does it relate to "self-sabotage"?

 2) How is Outer Child different from Inner Child?   

 3) What are "abandonment issues" and how do they cause us to develop self-defeating patterns? 

 4) What impact does Outer Child have on relationships and what can we do about it?  

 5) What makes someone “abandoholic" -- attracted to the unavailable? 

 6) What are other common Outer Child patterns? i.e. Procrastination, Overeating, etc. 

 7) Why are Outer Child patterns so hard to break?  (What are some neuro-biological reasons?) 

 8) How do we heal the underlying abandonment wounds that give rise to Outer Child?

 9) How can people get help?

10) Explain how the Outer Child Program is "physical therapy for the brain?"

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Alternate Questions

  • What happens when we let Outer Children act out our feelings of "insecurity"?  
  • How does "fear of abandonment" cause us to sabotage our relationships? 
  • Why are many Outer Children "love-challenged"?
  • Why do some Outer Children seek “emotional candy” instead of a real relationship?
  • How does unresolved abandonment cause us to implant an “invisible drain of self-esteem?”
  • How do we overcome our most deeply entrenched Outer Child patterns? 


  • How does Outer Child fit with other theories of personality, i.e. Id, Ego, Superego?   Parent, Child, Adult? (for an audience that includes college graduates)
  • How does Outer Child relate to Freud's "id"? How does it differ?
  • What new scientific information informs new techniques for overcoming Outer Child patterns?   
  • How does Outer Child behaviors relate to the symptoms of PTSD? 
  • Why do Outer Children sometimes act "Borderline"?  How to overcome? 
  • Explain what the amygdala (ditto with hippocampus, basal ganglia, dopamine) has to do with Outer Child.
  • How does visualization help create change?  Does it work by placebo?  Do you have to “believe?” What makes one's imagination so powerful?
  • Why don't the tools of traditional psychotherapy (i.e. "catharsis" and "emotional insight") succeed in overcoming patterns of self-sabotage? 
  • How can we use the three-part framework of Outer Child, Inner Child, and Ault Self to create personal change? 
  • With a new framework that creates a separate identify for Outer Child's “acting out behavior,” what changes might occur in the field of psychology?