BOOKS & BLOGS for Overcoming Self Sabotage and Abandonment Issues

Taming Your Outer Child: A Revolutionary Program To Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns

Outer Child is a revolutionary power tool that breaks through your most entrenched patterns of self-sabotage. Learn all about your self-defeating behaviors, automatic defense mechanisms, compulsions, addictions, and bad habits – where they come from, why they are so hard to break, and how to dismantle them.  This book guides you step by step through hands-on exercises that work like physical therapy for the brain to promote profound change and reach goals you thought you’d given up on. Hardcover


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WORKBOOK: The Journey from Heartbreak to Connection (Berkley Trade)

Expanding on the ideas set forth in Anderson's first book, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, this follow-up is a workshop in abandonment recovery-to help develop trust, build new relationships, and learn to love again. Inspired by her ever-growing readership, The Journey from Heartbreak to Connection offers accessible techniques, guidelines, and signposts for healing.

A manual for individual or support group use, it includes exercises that the author has tested and developed throughout her years of expertise in abandonment recovery. Purchase Workbook

The Journey from Abandonment to Healing

Like Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's groundbreaking On Death and Dying, Susan Anderson's book clearly defines the five phases of a different kind of grieving--grieving over a lost relationship. An experienced professional who has specialized in helping people with loss, heartbreak, and abandonment for more than two decades, Susan Anderson gives this subject the serious attention it deserves. The Journey From Abandonment to Healing is designed to help all victims of emotional breakups--whether they are suffering from a recent loss, or a lingering wound from the past; whether they are caught up in patterns that sabotage their own relationships, or they're in a relationship where they no longer feel loved. From the first stunning blow to starting over, it provides a complete program for abandonment recovery. Purchase Book

Black Swan: The Twelve Lessons of Abandonment Recovery (Rock Foundations Press)

BLACK SWAN is a form of biblio-therapy. You gain emotional benefit by reading and enjoying a simple story, all the while experiencing the 12 steps of emotional and spiritual healing -- the actual steps involved in overcoming the loss of a love. You learn to discover your center, cleanse your abandonment wound, build your sense of self, and make a new connection to love. Purchase Book