Abandoholics Anonymous Meetings

Do you have an Abandonment Addiction?  Are You Love Addicted?  Caught Up In Cycles of Abandonment?  

Abandoholism is just like the other ‘oholisms.  And this addictive pattern -- addicted to the unavailable -- is more prevalent than anyone imagines.     

I would love to see 12-step-style meetings for “abandoholics anonymous” set up.  Once word got out, these meetings certainlhy would be well atttended.  Millions are afflicted with this love-defeating pattern.  

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Please contact me with your interest in creating a program like this so we can post your prospective groups.  

Millions of people are caught up in this abandonment addiction. Many don’t realize it, but those who do find that awareness alone isn’t enough to break it.

Abandoholics anonymous meetings, once set up, would help people help each other break down these walls, uncross their “attachment wires,” and learn how to find, tolerate, and sustain love.  

You also have the option to join or set up Outer Child / Abandonment Recovery Groups.