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SELF HELP GROUPS FOR OVERCOMING SELF SABOTAGE AND ABANDONMENT: Support for Taming Outer Child and Healing Your Abandonment Issues

Dear Recovering Outer Children and Abandonment Survivors,

Of course, you belong together -- Abandonment leads to patterns of self sabotage and vice versa. (See Susan's Workshop Schedule

By getting involved in Outer Child / Abandonment support groups (and setting up abandoholics anonymous groups) you are helping each other heal your collective wounds which give rise to self defeat, love addiction, low self esteem, chasing the emotionally unavailable, patterns of abandonment, heartache, problems in relationships, poor choices, and more.

Outer Child groups gain their depth and dynamic from zeroing in on the issue of abandonment – the source of most self-defeating patterns.

Creating Outer Child / Abandonment groups is as easy as following a recipe. Groups can be facilitated on a peer-to-peer basis. An easy-to-follow self-help format and 50 topic questions are available – enough to keep your groups running for a year or more.

You can also get Training in Outer Child and Abandonment Recovery techniques from the author. Attend one of Susan Anderson’s workshops.

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         • download WORKBOOK for step-by-step exercises for Outer Child - Abandonment Recovery, Akeru, 12 steps of emotional and spiritual healing, S.W.I.R.L., more.

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